Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weird date format from FreeTDS with mssql.datetimeconvert = 0

Today I encountered a problem with date field format in MS SQL Server 2000. We are accessing the server through FreeTDS and for data abstraction we are using latest stable PEAR MDB2_Driver_mssql v 1.2.1.

We were migrating to newest daily FreeTDS. As soon as we recompiled FreeTDS, our PHP applications started acting weird, showing invalid dates. We narrowed down all problems to a change in date format we got from SQL server.

A simple query:
echo $mdb2->getOne("SELECT datefield FROM table");
now returned some weird data format:
2009-01-01 31695:06
However, when we used mssql_* functions, skipping MDB2 altogether the date format was OK. I noticed one bug report: mssql.datetimeconvert force set to 0 - generate wrong dates. It was correct - even though we used mssql.datetimeconvert = 1 in our php.ini, MDB2 driver sets it to 0 on connect().

But the same code used to work with older FreeTDS. It seems that FreeTDS changed its internal date format, some locale settings etc. And disabling datetimeconvert by MDB2 triggered the problem as we started getting this new weird format.

I didn't want to mess up with internal date handling by MDB2 and keep patches to apply on future MDB2 updates - luckily we found a simple solution: recompile PHP with the newest FreeTDS libraries and everything goes back to normal. The same script now outputs:

2009-09-29 18:11:00

Even though mssql.datetimeconvert = 0 thanks to MDB2, we are receiving standard Y-m-d H:i:s format we love so much. Hope that helps anyone with similar problem.

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