Saturday, May 29, 2010

Incoming lectures on malware and on SQL injection

I will be giving two talks next month:

Save your data from SQL injection
8.06.2010 - Krakspot Tech meeting
This is a heavily modified version of my previous talk given at OWASP meeting, however this one is less code-oriented and the emphasis is given on understanding the vulnerability. Plus - it's newer, and newer is better ;)
Time: 8.06.2010, 18:00
Place: Swing, Kraków, Bożego Ciała 9
more info
Creating, obfuscating and analysis of JavaScript-based malware
10.06.2010 - OWASP Polish Chapter meeting
Malware attacks on unaware Internet users' browsers are becoming more and more common. New techniques for bypassing filters used by security vendors emerge in time. In turn, the filters are getting better, new analyzing tools are developed - the war continues. At the presentation you will learn how crackers are trying to hamper the work of security engineers, and how reversers are overcoming those problems. Emphasis will be placed on the weaknesses of automated tools - we'll try to avoid detection by jsunpack and Capture-HPC, we'll also trick Dean Edwards' Unpacker.
This talk, on the other hand is code oriented as we'll be using some JavaScript trickery, however everything will be explained so you don't need to be a JavaScript ninja to understand it.
Time: 10.06.2010, 18:00
Place: Wydział Fizyki i Informatyki Stosowanej AGH ul. Reymonta 19, budynek D-10 Sala: A (aula)
more info: [1] [2]

All materials will be published after the meetings, I believe there might also be some a/v streams recorded by the hosts, but I'm not sure. Of course - everyone's invited, I'll update the post with the exact place&time in a few days.

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