Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jealous of PRISM? Use "Amazon 1 Button" Chrome extension to sniff all HTTPS websites!

tldr: Insecure browser addons may leak all your encrypted SSL traffic, exploits included

So, Snowden let the cat out of the bag. They're listening - the news are so big, that feds are no longer welcome at DEFCON. But let's all be honest - who doesn't like to snoop into other person's secrets? We all know how to set up rogue AP and use ettercap. Setting up your own wall of sheep is trivial. I think we can safely assume - plaintext traffic is dead easy to sniff and modify.

The real deal though is in the encrypted traffic. In browser's world that means all the juicy stuff is sent over HTTPS. Though intercepting HTTPS connections is possible, we can only do it via:
  • hacking the CA
  • social engineering (install the certificate) 
  • relying on click-through syndrome for SSL warnings
Too hard. Let's try some side channels. Let me show you how you can view all SSL encrypted data, via exploiting Amazon 1Button App installed on your victims' browsers.