Wednesday, July 6, 2011 session hijacking

Session hijacking usually requires XSS vulnerability (or MITM attack). But what to do when there is none? Of course, we might trick the user with UI Redressing!

Yesterday I presented a new way to trigger content extraction. Being UI redressing vector, it requires user intervention, this time tricking user to copy & paste some text through his clipboard to solve a kind of CAPTCHA challenge. Today we'll make a real life example of using this method.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cross domain content extraction with fake captcha

Content extraction is one of the recently documented UI redressing vectors. It exploits Firefox vulnerability that allows to display any URL HTML source in an iframe like this:
<iframe src="view-source:">
With social engineering attacker tricks user into selecting (usually invisible) page source and dragging it to attackers' controlled textarea. A simple demo is here:

Drag & drop other page source (cross-domain)
Once attacker gets the page source dropped into his textarea, he may begin to extract contents (like session IDs, user names, anti csrf tokens etc.) and launch further attacks.

However, this way of using the vector requires significant effort from a user and is pretty difficult to exploit in real world situation (there's some clicking and dragging involved). Also, it will stop working once Mozilla disallows cross origin drag & dropping.

I've found a neat way to do cross-origin content extraction that might be more suitable for some classes of websites. Ladies and gentleman, let me present Fake Captcha: